Colonial Grid

Does your home feature a one-of-a-kind color scheme that would be complemented by a custom window exterior? Would a wood grain finish compliment a particular room in your home? Do you have a unique colonial grid pattern you’d like to preserve when you upgrade windows? The Window Pros  offers a wide range of choices to make your dreams a reality.

We offer colonial grids in either contoured or flat, in a variety of different patterns. All grids are integrated inside the insulated glass unit, so they’ll never require cleaning or maintenance. External simulated divided lights are also available. If you’re looking to match the color scheme of your home, we offer two-tone grids in all available colors.

Special Grid

Grids can add that special touch to match a window or door to an architectural style, turning a large open pane into something extraordinary.

The types of door and window grids available to you will depend on the material of the door or window (i.e., vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass).  Grid options are based on where they’re placed on the pane – between the two panes of insulated glass or on the glass surface on both the interior and exterior.

What are the Different Types of Grids?

  • Flat grid

  • Simulated Divided Lites

  • Sculptured grid

Grid Options

Grid Options Windows


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